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September 2021, and the Bodewes family is getting ready to go to Noorderpoort’s twenty-fifth anniversary party. Over the past five years each member of the family has been able to rely on Noorderpoort offering suitable support in order for each of them to be successful in their own subjects or studies.

Read our comprehensive strategic plan (2016-2020)

Our key objectives
At Noorderpoort your success as a student is key. After completing your studies you will be able to:

  • Successfully enter the labour market
  • Successfully move on to higher education
  • Fully participate as a citizen in society

The Noorderpoort key objectives are:

  • Personal talent
    I develop my personal talents and prepare myself for professional life, and for my role in society.
  • Training opportunities
    As a youngster or adult, I can choose from an innovative and practical training provision.
  • Professionalisation
    Professional employees coach me to become a successful professional.

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