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Our vision on education

At Noorderpoort our students’ success is key: success in entering the labour market, in moving into further training, and success in participating in our society.

Our education is topical and anticipates developments in jobs, the labour market and society. Noorderpoort aims to educate students for the future and is therefore committed to students who are not only developing their job skills but are also adaptable to change. This flexibility is vital as the labour market is continuously evolving.

Depending on their prospective career, students can choose optional elements aimed at widening or deepening the scope of their work, or at moving on to further education. To ensure a good connection to hbo / higher vocational education, we work closely with the hbo institutions in the North of the Netherlands.

We offer all students the opportunity and chance to reach their potential. We development each student’s strength, talents and qualities, whilst taking into account their individuality. We offer trust and boost self-confidence. We encourage development, challenging and stimulating students to take pride in their achievements.

Support and guidance
At Noorderpoort, a guidance counsellor is assigned to each student for consultation – from their intake interviews throughout their entire student career – on all aspects of their professional, study, career and personal development.
Students requiring extra support in languages and/or arithmetic are offered extra tuition. For students with structural personal, psychological and/or physical problems, specialist mentoring is available.

Practice-based learning inside and outside the school is influenced by our collaboration with companies and institutions: the job is central. Some examples of practice-based learning, in addition to work placements, are learning from companies within the school environment, real-life practical assignments at school, and learning through virtual practice simulations such as serious games.

Challenging didactics
We promote a student’s active role in the acquisition of knowledge, insight, skills and attitude to work.
We have an eclectic approach to teaching and use a variety of work and lesson formats, both individually and in groups. Digital options are specifically used in the form of, for example, distance learning, online platforms and digital tests with immediate feedback.

Our students have indicated their desire to be challenged and require more scope to develop themselves, within or outside their chosen training courses. We consider it important to meet these aspirations and to further promote the diversity of talent within Noorderpoort.

The Excellence programme includes initiatives such as skills competitions and international work placements. Additionally, extra educational programmes are being developed and optimized to give students the opportunity to take on an extra subject in addition to the regular teaching curriculum.

The Excellence programme is subsidized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science that has named Excellence at mbo as one of its key objectives.

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