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International Experience

Our society is becoming more and more internationally oriented due to European unification and increasing globalisation. Noorderpoort responds to this by offering students and employees the opportunity to gain international experience. We broaden their horizons and their view on humanity, and in addition increase their opportunities within the international labour market and for further studies.

We promote the mobility of students and teachers by offering work placements abroad and exchange programmes. Increasingly, our training has an international focus. 

Education with an international label
Noorderpoort offers various programmes with an international character. Noorderpoort Hospitality & Tourism (Euroborg), for example, offers international education in the Catering Industry, Tourism, and Leisure domains. Our Business & Administration education offers the International Business Studies (IBS) programme that is almost entirely taught in English. After completing this study, students get two diplomas: the English BTEC diploma in business and/or marketing and the Dutch diploma Entrepreneur Wholesale level 4. 

Work placement abroad
Every year Noorderpoort applies for grants via Erasmus+, the European subsidy programme for education, youth and sport. Annually, more than 250 mbo students use this grant to go abroad for their work placement. Interested in their work placement experience? Have a look at these short films shot at their work placement addresses. In the border region with Germany, we work closely together with our German partners. Especially in our healthcare training, many students take part in work placements in Germany.

The Comenius and Grundtvig programmes provide international project opportunities for General Basic Education, mbo and adult education. Noorderpoort participates in the Comenius project with its Technology sector and partners from Finland, the Czech Republic and Germany. This mainly concerns groups of students collaborating to complete international assignments. The teachers organise and supervise these assignments in conjunction with their foreign partners. The group members work independently on an assignment, for example an international website. Noorderpoort students cooperate on an international theme with peers from other European countries. Staying with their fellow students’ guest families encourages language knowledge and intercultural skills. 

Exchange of Dutch and German students
The BAND project is another form of exchange. BAND is a subsidy programme for the exchange and mobility of mbo students and teachers between the Netherlands and Germany. At the school for commercial services, a BAND project has been running for some years now. This project concerns the exchange of information and knowledge between level 3 students of the Sales Manager education and the Bunting company, the owner of the well-known German Famila department stores, and the Berufsbildende Schulen (vocational schools) in Leer.

For more information on the exchange, please contact:

Ms Minke Kloppenburg

Ms Eva Hoitzing

For its internationalisation activities, Noorderpoort has been granted the Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training Mobility quality mark. 

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