Welcome to Noorderpoort

Noorderpoort is a large centre (in Dutch: ROC) for secondary, vocational and adult education and training in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. It combines 17 different schools across the region. Noorderpoort trains 17,500 students and has 1,600 staff. Noorderpoort have an annual intake of 5,000 students. 

It offers:

  • regular initial foundation and senior secondary vocational education (FBO and MBO)
  • contract teaching (further education, retraining at senior secondary level)
  • pre-vocational secondary education (in Dutch: VMBO) (in an alliance with the MBO education)
  • education and integration of newly arrived immigrants
  • secondary education (senior general secondary education (in Dutch: Havo), pre-university education (in Dutch:  VWO) for youngsters and adults)